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Labruutories started off as one small idea for an invention. Through years of designing, manufacturing and bringing a product to market we realized how difficult the process can be if you don't specialize in it. 

Once our catalog grew, we realized the only way to further scale is through software and automation. 


We develop software to improve small and medium sized businesses ship their products.

In 2021, we were invited to be a part of Forbes Business Development Council which we currently hold a member position at.


(Link to our Forbes Profile)

In 2022 : We topped the INC 5000 list of America's fastest growing companies. Holding position #256 / 5000. Securing  a spot in the print magazine as well, being in the top 500 with a 2111% growth rate.


(Link to our INC 5000 Profile)


We continue to invest in ourselves and our team while taking the time to ensure what we've built is sustainable. 

With a focus on refining and improving our current ventures.

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