With Amazons move to one day shipping, Shoppers are now checking Amazon to make in store purchasing decisions. This makes it hard for stores to manage the offline and online shopping experience with their products. 

The Issue

With the rise of 3rd party sellers on Amazon, multiple sellers are allowed to carry the same item. This consistently leads to major pricing fluctuations and inconsistency in product availability.

This can degrade the perception of the brand, it's items and the overall customer experience. 

Ultimately, as a brand owner you have no control over the pricing after it leaves your distributor. 

Our Solution

We help brands succeed by acting as a value added retailer on the Amazon platform. We help you manage MSRP, brand value overall customer satisfaction on Amazon.


Prior to our solution, brick and mortar locations have turned down our clients in the past as they don't want to compete with Amazon. 

Our solution allows you to focus on innovating and creating. By implementing our pricing strategies, we've helped customers succeed in opening new physical retail deals by managing the online and offline pricing structures.